Managed Net Backup Server within New Zealand


A Net Backup solution that won’t leave you empty handed

In today’s technology focused environment, Net backup service is one of the most indispensable tools for businesses. We all know the frustration of losing hours of work because of a server or hard drive failure.

It can be disastrous for businesses to lose essential data through such simple issues, but by synchronising all work and data with our expert Net Backup service, users can be safe in the knowledge that they will always have a copy of their work accessible, wherever they are. Net Backup We can offer varying amounts of storage for our clients and always make sure that you only pay for what you need. By assessing your specific requirements, we’ll find the best solution that gives you exactly the storage your business needs to operate efficiently. Thus you get rid of the fear that users will suddenly run out of storage space at a crucial moment in time.

Our Net Backup service can safely store offline data and content, as well as complete websites and web applications. Users can upload and store a versatile range of files and file types. It ensures that anything a business might need can be safely and securely saved in the Cloud.  

The importance of a secure backup solution

Security is naturally a concern for businesses. Therefore, you can relax that all data and content you upload to our Online Backup service is completely under encryption and stored securely. This means users can be safe in the knowledge that their data stored online will not be at risk from security issues. Any user without authorization can’t download it.

You can completely automate the uploads and saves. You can also synchronize with the user’s work schedule to make the whole process effortless. Files will appear in your cloud straight away. You can access from any location instantly. Backup restoration is a simple process, meaning your files can be recovered with no hassle. It keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.