IT Relocation


A hassle free solution for company IT relocation

Moving an entire company can be an incredibly stressful process, and it is likely that any business will need as much assistance as possible. That’s why Prestige IT are able to offer our customers a wide range of options to help make relocating as stress free as possible. IT Relocation Services Our team of fully trained technicians can support your business throughout the entire IT network relocation process, ensuring your network is back up and running to the standard you are used to in the shortest time possible. We will keep all hardware safe during the move, and ensure that the labelling and transportation of everything is proper, in order to make sure it reaches its correct destination. If there is a requirement, we can arrange transportation for your systems using our professionals with experience, on your behalf, providing additional peace of mind that your equipment is under the proper care and attention.

Preparation is the key

At Prestige IT, we know that relocating your IT isn’t just about the physical move itself. This is why are on hand to help plan your move before it takes place. We will develop a full timeline for the project. It will take into consideration all requirements of your business and your employees. We ensure that the process handling is smooth throughout. Our team will visit and inspect the new location. We will review if there is need of any new or additional IT requirements. And we will have solutions ready before the move has even begun. By properly planning the move, we can help you to minimise the risk of running into unforeseen issues on the day.

Re-installation after care

We don’t just stop there either. Our team will be available once the relocation has been completed. It will test systems and repair any errors that may have arisen during the process. We will also stay in contact after the move and re-installation are complete. Our services help your business through the process settling into the new site.

IT equipment disposal

During the process of preparing the relocation, Prestige IT will properly dispose of or donate any hardware that has no requirement left in your business.  It will eliminate your responsibility and reduce the space-requirement during the move with unnecessary equipment.