No Obligation WAN Audit


Take advantage of guaranteed Network Improvements

Can you be sure that new infrastructure investments will pay off in improved performance? Will more bandwidth actually solve your performance issues? Does your current change control process truly ensure that new applications, services, and infrastructure have safely introduction into your production environment? Is your infrastructure vendor selection aligned with business needs? Business WAN Audit

Key Benefits:

  • Increase visibility and thus simplify troubleshooting by isolating performance issues quickly.
  • Identify the true nature of traffic and thus differentiate between mission-critical, recreational, and malicious traffic types.
  • Monitor utilization and thus performance by link, application, or users.
  • Track application response times and thus quickly identify if issues are server or network-related
  • Establish and monitor service-level agreements for critical applications or links.
  • Identify misbehaving users and malicious traffic.
  • Provide detailed performance diagnostics.
  • Measure network peaks, averages, top talkers and top listeners, network efficiency, bytes, compression rates, bytes transferred and saved.
  • Measure response times across applications, thus providing network delay, server delay, and congestion metrics.

Details of Benefits

While you spend a large portion of your IT budget on business-critical applications, you find them contending with less important traffic for limited bandwidth. This causes congestion and hence seriously impacts the performance of your network and more importantly the applications. The Prestige IT WAN Audit offers a solution that gives you an understanding of how and why your applications are performing in their current manner. We send our industry-leading experts to perform an in-depth audit of your Wide Area Network. So if you need more bandwidth, we will tell you definitively how much you need?  If it is not needed then we will tell you that it is not a bandwidth issue but simply one of better control and utilization. Therfore, we support you in an extensive manner.

In both scenarios we can help you with your services. Using our industry-leading expertise combined with our years of experience in this specialist area of the market and our internally developed intellectual property we are able to non-intrusively audit your network without making configuration changes to router/firewall configuration, desktops or servers. After extensive data gathering and analysis, Prestige IT provides an expert assessment of your network environment informing of what applications are running across the network .As part of our expertise, we have developed a deep in-depth knowledge of the behavior of many different types of applications across a network and how bandwidth utilisation is affected by the applications.

After reviewing the results of the audit we demonstrate graphically giving a visual indication of network performance and activity. Prestige IT will therefore provide the reports that focus on traffic flows, both inbound and outbound, the application’s bandwidth and transaction response time for each application.  

What you will find out:

  • Type of bandwidth needed for your existing infrastructure
  • Popularity of traffic types
  • Varying hosts
  • Websites visited
  • What is the exact link capacity division?
  • How does email traffic affect network performance
  • Do you have too much bandwidth or not enough?
  • Are employees utilizing expensive company paid bandwidth for recreational or company prohibited/illegal applications?
  • Identifies bandwidth that can be freed up and reassigned to higher-priority applications
  • Perform in-depth results for the top five inbound and outbound applications analysis on an hourly and daily basis.

Many of our clients amaze at the fact they think they know what is running on their network and thus, in fact, and thus feel the surprise at how many other applications and bandwidth hungry and unnecessary protocols are actually running in reality.

The Prestige IT WAN Audit allows you to make policy, network, and bandwidth decisions for a fully productive environment. The Prestige IT WAN Audit will thus provide several recommendations to optimize your existing network. If serious issues are diagnosed, a remediation plan is therefore offered to improve the efficiency of your network as quickly as possible.


What will be delivered:

  • A review of your current environment, traffic, applications, and congestion.
  • A performance upgrade roadmap.
  • Recommendations for performance and bandwidth.
  • Solution recommendations from best of breed vendors.

During the Prestige IT WAN Audit, we monitor the traffic flow based upon application level (layer 7) and not just bits and bytes (layer 3) between your remote locations and prepare a detailed report. Our experts will therefore, assist you in identifying areas for immediate improvement and furthermore, advise you on policies and systems to get the most from your existing network bandwidth.

If you are typical of most organisations, time, resources, expertise and costs required to manage the process internally are overwhelming. Thus, you need to understand what is happening to your WAN without the costs of managing the process in-house.

The Prestige IT WAN Audit will provide more than just sell a simple solution or tell you to add more bandwidth. We provide capacity-planning recommendations and managed BCAD (Business Critical Application Delivery) services. Due to which we are able to guarantee application performance with SLA’s.

This BCAD is a unique service and currently no other organisation has the expertise to provide this.