Managed IT Services | Buyers Guide

Managed IT Services – What are they?

IT management should be high on the priority list of any organisation to ensure that systems and applications are always accessible to those who require them. Keeping your network running smoothly is a vital cog in the machine that is your business. All of your users need to be able to access vital information when they need it and where they need it on a day to day basis; Prestige IT’s Managed IT Services can ensure that this business necessity happens, and keeps happening.

Managed IT Services A decentralised IT management approach may work initially, but in the long run your network is going to become more complex as new technologies and tools are introduced to allow your systems to move with the times.

Before you know it staff members are spending their time wondering why their connection is so slow, or why they do not have the latest update they need to focus on their priorities. Hence, affecting your work progress. A Managed IT Services package from Prestige IT will ensure that your systems are always available and are performing at the high levels which modern business demands. This will in turn allow your staff to be more productive since all of their focus is on core duties, rather than problems with IT.  

Managed IT Services – What can they do for your business?

Prestige IT’s Managed IT services offer the following key benefits to your organisation:-

1) Increased Operational Efficiency –

With professionals who have the experience to manage your IT infrastructure leading to increased productivity. Remember when your network is operating efficiently we are simply doing our job. We measure ourselves against the strictest and most stringent industry standards for Managed IT Services.

2) Control your operating costs –

When you pay a firm fixed Annual Fee for maintaining your IT there are no hidden costly surprises. Therefore, you can cost effective budget within your business for one of the most critical aspects of your business – your IT operations, strategy, support and management. To do more with your IT budget with less resource is a challenge. We face as well as resolve this challenge regularly. 

3) Enterprise Level IT Support –

Ensure that your IT is getting the support that it needs any time you need it. From regular patch updates to ensuring your backups are effective to managing anti-virus to fixing printer problems. These all become our issues and we know how to manage and deploy and resolve these issues as this is what we do every day.

4) Minimize Downtime –

With proactive monitoring attention from Prestige IT, we are aware of any problems even before you notice and with our IT management suite of software  thus we are often able to resolve issues before they impact the business. Stop disrupting your users and key executives from being productive due to IT issues and let Prestige IT, the professionals, handle everything.

5) Focus on your core business –

IT systems management and support can become a major distraction. It can take time and attention away from your core business activities. You need to have an effective strategy in place to ensure that this is managed effectively. We can take this pain away from your organisation and allow you to be more productive in running your own business.

6) Peace of mind –

Your business can have peace of mind knowing that our proactive monitoring system is always watching over your network. With our in-house developed intellectual property, we assure you peace of mind. We care about your network like it is our very own network. Leave all the IT planning, Support and IT Managed Services to us.  

Managed IT Services – Which type is best for your business?

IT departments will typically develop a variety of services to satisfy the needs of users. Examples include Financial Management solutions for payroll, Databases for sales teams and various communication systems which users use company-wide. Every single one of these services will be backed by a network which is prone to failure at any time. At Prestige IT, we know that every business is different and therefore, we will work in a customized approach. As a matter of fact, 0rganisations that are looking for a service which covers all aspects of IT, should consider a single solution in the form of a Fully Managed IT Service. We can also provide solutions for organisations which have more specific requirements.