IT Management Problems


How our Managed IT Services will solve them

1. Machines that Consume too much of your time:

Modern IT systems require constant attention to run at 100%. The system will soon start misbehaving if we don’t give this vital attention and maintenance. The fact that the everyday IT Management or Manager will look to solve problems as and when they occur adds to the problem. This is because this approach increases the time that the ever-expanding task that is IT system maintenance demands on a daily basis.

“Prestige IT always aim to provide a pro-active service that will prevent problems ever occurring whilst simultaneously boosting general system efficiency, performance levels and system availability.”   IT Management Problems

2. Confusion caused by increasingly complex IT maintenance software:

The software used to manage modern IT systems is growing increasingly complex. It is because the new technologies such as cloud infrastructures, server virtualization, and advanced mobile devices continue to become more common within the industry. These technologies guarantee to improve your business operations. It helps in business growth but they also bring another guarantee, more stress for the IT manager.

“At Prestige IT, we ensure we are always on top of the latest developments within the industry, allowing us to provide the  IT services which we have become known for during our 15 years as a Managed IT provider. Our engineers are certified across many platforms. We are experts in the utilization of many best of breed technologies. It allows us to ensure our clients experience professionally managed IT.”  

3. Lose track of what is installed on the network:

If you don’t keep a close eye on your installations on every machine across a network, your organization will expose to serious security threats. Users installing unlicensed software on machines in illegal and could lead to lawsuits against your organisation and some hefty fines. In contrast, over monitoring this side of network management can put a lot of strain on bandwidth and will be an expensive strategy in the long run.

“Prestige IT will perform an initial audit, and ongoing automatic audits, to find every machine and everything which is installed across the entire network. We will get the level of management just right with the view of maintaining a network which is performing at its best. With our audits, we will see what is being used and how often.  More importantly, we will check what is missing. This approach will allow you to maximise your network resources and thus reduce security risks.”  

4. Non-Professional IT Management – More harm than good?

Many organizations, in particular, small to medium businesses, will often make use of internal resources to perform IT maintenance for which IT is an ‘interest’ or a ‘hobby’. For the short term, this can be a cost-effective way of managing IT. But it will usually lead to problems since a non-professional cannot ever provide the same standard of service as the expertly trained personnel that our Managed IT Services will.

“At Prestige IT, we are the best at what we do and take pride in that title. We offer professional, well structured IT Management packages. We provide a central hub to keep track of network performance right down to the finest details. Our network professionals will ensure to pro-actively monitor your IT systems. We minimise downtime and allow you to focus on generating revenue, not generating solutions to IT problems.”  

5. Organisation of fundamental IT Maintenance tasks

This is perhaps the most beneficial feature of Managed IT Services from the perspective of system efficiency. Remote security configurations, regular backups and virus scanning are just some of the vital tasks. These tasks will keep the heartbeat of your organisation, your IT systems, running smoothly. If we miss to manage it correctly, these tasks can soon stack up and we can loose all sense of organisation. This will lead to system slowdown and loss of productivity. Since staff needs reliable IT to perform at their best, hence should be sorted.

“Prestige IT will integrate fully automated procedures into our Managed IT Service packages. It allows us to perform vital IT maintenance in an organised fashion that does not require any network downtime. We don’t require downtime since we use advanced technologies. It allows us to perform maintenance tasks remotely or ‘in the background’ while your staff continue to work.”