Why Outsource your IT?


What can Outsourcing your IT to Prestige IT do for your Business

Every type of IT infrastructure and IT Outsourcing, will require heavy maintenance to enable users to access everything they need to perform their daily tasks.

Outsourcing Your IT Outsourcing your IT with Prestige IT will allow you to have a state of the art network professionally installed, which we will then fully manage to keep it running at the optimum level.  

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Cost effectiveness

Most of us believe that the combined direct and indirect costs of fully internal IT management is  25 to 30% more than Outsourcing.

Higher Productivity

If IT management is internal, the staff can only address a certain amount of issues at any one time. After a while, the issues will mount up and staff productivity will lower. With our IT outsourcing service, our dedicated team will be using technology that constantly monitors your network to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Higher Staff Morale

By taking out a Prestige IT IT Outsourcing service, your staff will never be waiting around for IT issues to be resolved. Therefore, you do not lose focus on their duties.


We will provide detailed reports on how your network has been performing. We will provide detailed analysis of all network activity on either a monthly or weekly basis. This will give you the information source you need to make vital decisions regarding your IT infrastructure.

Return on Investment

At Prestige IT, we pride ourselves on our service levels and drive them using our technical expertise. Our IT Outsourcing service will provide you with millions of dollars worth of expertise for less than the cost of a few employees.

Advanced Training

All of our engineers have hands-on experience in the latest technologies. It allow them to provide you with the best possible service. This, in turn, will lead to more problems getting quickly resolved and optimum efficiency of your IT systems.  

Financial Benefits

Fixed Budgets

IT Outsourcing services will be provided for a fixed price with a breakdown of the cost of purchasing networking hardware and the ongoing support individually. As such more effective calculations to be made by your finance department.

Reduces cost of Assets

Since we now require less internally owned equipment, the cost of maintaining them is considerably lower. Therefore IT Outsourcing will provide a better return on your investment. It will also ensure that all of your equipment is fully maintained.

Reduced training costs

Since the technology used in the modern business world constantly changes, ongoing internal training is necessary to keep on top of this. Outsourcing your IT to us will allow you to not worry about training since our engineers are fully certified and are always obtaining knowledge of emerging technologies.  

IT Management Benefits

Improved Response Times

Prestige IT’s IT Outsourcing service will provide your managers with information regarding any issues which arise instantaneously, in addition to reports detailing how to deal with issues.

Network Stability

Keeping a network stable takes a lot of work, work which the everyday IT manager may not be able to achieve in the timeframes required. Outsourcing will ensure that your network is always running at its optimum using a combination of completing the monthly required tasks and performing in-depth procedures in order to improve the network as a whole.

Technical Knowledge

Your IT management will be working together with our expert engineers on a day to day basis. This means that they can rely on them for advice regarding any issues which arise. They can also benefit personally from working with our experts, improving their own technical knowledge along the way.