IT Project Delivery


Why should you engage Prestige IT for your IT Projects?

We specialize in network integration and are a supplier of managed IT services and IT support services. In addition to this we provide best of breed vendor-agnostic solutions, specially tailored to our clients’ infrastructures.

Many other network integrator provide network installation and management without considering the software which is operating on them. This can lead to software not running anywhere near the optimum level meaning staff experience a lower quality network, resulting in negative effects on performance. Prestige IT’s unique approach to IT Project will result in a huge improvement to your IT up time, efficiency and user satisfaction as well as helping IT and Security departments meet their targets.

Traditionally organisations have made decisions which they classed as strategic such as deciding to invest in an MPLS network or standardising on the Microsoft Platform. In fact these were not strategic decisions at all but rather tactical decisions. This is because Microsoft could be substituted for Linux or MPLS for DSL and it would not dramatically affect the business. However to change the applications would affect the way the business operates.
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