Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)


Complete network visibility at the touch of a button

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) allows you complete visibility of your network traffic. It provides valuable intelligence on specific areas of your wireless or static networks. Our professional DPI technology can help to ensure that your data is being delivered correctly. It also provides you with another level of virus protection.

Deep Packet InspectionOur Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology makes use of IP traffic classification and identification tools in order to manage bandwidth consumption and maintain a continually high service performance level across your entire network.

We can distinguish between different devices accessing the network, from laptops to smartphones to tablets, as well as different manufacturers, and allow you to alter accessibility as a result, including monitoring mobile tethering.

We can also identify who is accessing the network, and what traffic they are generating, for example, if they’re conducting a live video conference or playing games online, allowing IT Managers to redistribute bandwidth appropriately.

Our Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) service works simply and effectively in the background, leaving the network surroundings unaffected. This means we can identify and tackle any issues affecting the network without causing any downtime or delays for other users.