Patch Management


Manage your system effectively with Patch Management

Patch Management

Prestige IT’s Patch Management services allow businesses to manage their system effectively. We analyze and install multiple patches on their network. Through Patch Management, we filter the data throughout the network. It makes prioritization a much easier procedure, while pre-configured patches speed up the process of deployment. 

Our Patch Management service actively monitors your network, searching for cases where improvements need to be made, security vulnerabilities need to be fixed and performance needs to be enhanced. We will manage and test the system during and after the installation process. We will also record results and work to maintain the best connection possible for your business, and eliminate any disruption that may incur.

Our services offer an internal vulnerability scanner. It assesses the security state of the majority of genuine programs running on Microsoft Windows, as well as supporting scans of all operating systems. Our Patch Management service can scan all smartphone operating systems.