Vulnerability Management


Keeping security breaches at bay

With Prestige IT’s Vulnerability Management system, business managers can examine the network. They can track down and eradicate any security issues that may arise. It gives them the power to keep track of your network and thus, maintain stability across the business.

Vulnerability Management

We do this by providing an alert system. It allows you to stay up to date on any vulnerabilities that may have emerged on your system. It allows you to begin repairs before any of the damage is caused to your network, and as a result, keeps you secure.

Our Vulnerability Management system allows you to create specific reports for different product categories across your entire IT infrastructure by assigning filtering criteria. It ensures that you receive vulnerability alerts and intelligence relevant to your specific needs.

Our completely customizable Vulnerability Management dashboard allows you to easily access your vulnerability intelligence and analysis. Thus, providing administrators with hassle-free control of their system. Administrators will also be provided with monthly custom reports on almost all new vulnerability threats across registered network devices. It ensures that the IT Managers are always aware of any issues they need to address.

We start with correcting any vulnerabilities in your system and therefore, we are able to explore and advise you on further security measures. We can implement these measures hence, help keeping your network secure. These can be an installation of a patch, the implementation of new software, or even the education of staff members to help protect data.