Fiber Optic Cabling

 Scalability Today, Flexibility Tomorrow, Performance Always.

For the utmost in communication quality in channels ranging from voice to video, and applications such as high speed internet access, fiber optic cabling is a proven solution with many cost saving and performance benefits. But to deploy or upgrade a fiber optic cabling services system requires certain expertise. It needs to ensure a scalable and flexible communications infrastructure that guarantees speed and reliability.

Consider the performance, efficiency and TCO advantages of a passive optical network, or PON, a point-to-multipoint, fiber-to-the-user network architecture. It employs unpowered optical splitters that enable a single strand of singlemode optical fiber to serve multiple user. Further, reducing the amount of physical cable and active equipment in an installation. Prestige IT has provided fiber optic cabling installation services for PONs and other solutions that have met the communication needs of today while preparing businesses for the opportunities of tomorrow. Our team undergoes consistent training to ensure we are constantly up to speed on the latest fiber optic technologies. We also take care of latest communication needs for specific industries and/or applications. We also provide assessment, design and consulting services around fiber optic cabling, because technology continues to shift and advance, and we will work with you to determine if fiber optic cabling is right for you.