Integrate with Microsoft Power BI

Prestige IT is a Microsoft Platinum Partner.  Our extensive expertise with Office 365 includes a unique understanding of aligning products like Power BI, to organizations’ current infrastructure.

Power BI for Office 365 brings self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and cloud solutions to everyday business users. It is implemented through the familiar tool they already use – Excel. Power BI thus enables businesses to gain deeper business insights from their on-premises and cloud data. It is done within Excel and Office 365. Easily search, discover and create stunning interactive visualizations that uncover hidden information that can help your business thrive.

Features and Benefits of Power BI for Office 365 include.: Data insights, not data management. Power Map has a 3D data visualization tool for easy mapping of data. Power BI manages data for you. Thus allowing your organization to focus on unlocking essential insights for your business to succeed. Clean, merge, transform and thus shape your data.: With Power View and Power Pivot, create compelling visual representations and custom flexible data models to gain insights and peer right inside to the heart of your business. Power BI thus brings the power of insights to everyone in the organization. It provides deeper insights and thus the ability to make better business decisions.

Find the Data you Want, How you Want IT: 

With Power Query, easily search and access public and company data all within Excel. Easily find data from both inside and outside your organization. In seconds Power Query will give you a list of all the available data sources that match your criteria. Connected BI experience allows users to share insights and information and hence to stay connected with your reports and data wherever you are as well as HTML5 support for browser based viewing on any device. You can deliver content, products and services quickly and easily to a worldwide user base. It can include customers, business partners, suppliers and your own employees.

Akamai Platform sends your users’ requests and resulting application responses from your origin server. With over 84,000 servers in 72 countries, it’s the world’s largest fault-tolerant network. Using route optimisation, we find the fastest and most reliable path to your server and retrieve the application content, thus, optimising server communication, improving performance and maintaining application security with our access control service throughout the entire procedure. Power BI for Office 365 Overview